News Archive

19 August 2013: Successfully defended my PhD dissertation, titled “Reducing the Cost of Chemistry in Reactive-Flow Simulations: Novel Mechanism Reduction Strategies and Acceleration via Graphics Processing Units.”

19–22 May 2013: Presented at the 10th US National Combustion Meeting in Park City, Utah. Here, I presented some new developments in our mechanism reduction algorithm as well as skeletal mechanisms for gasoline surrogates.

8–10 April 2013: Presented at the SIAM 14th International Conference on Numerical Combustion in San Antonio, Texas. This talk presented some new results in addition to those I presented at the ASM in January. I was part of the minisymposium on GPU computing, which was recorded and will be available on the SIAM website here.

6–10 January 2013: Attended and presented at the 51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Grapevine, Texas. My talk was on our efforts to accelerate reactive flow simulations using GPUs; check out my paper for some background information and keep an eye out for an upcoming paper with the most recent results.

16–17 October 2012: Attended OpenACC GPU Programming Workshop at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

8 October 2012: Coauthored a feature article at Ars Technica on future engine technology: “The road ahead: How we’ll get to 54.5 mpg by 2025”.

14 September 2012: Gave presentation at Case Western Reserve on how to apply and tips on getting the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship; check out my presentation.