Photo of Kyle
Kyle Niemeyer
Assistant Professor

In my free time, I enjoy running and weightlifting, immersive video games, training in Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and discovering the Northwest’s multitude of IPAs.

Photo of Aaron
Aaron Fillo
PhD candidate

Turbulent premixed combustion experiments and modeling.

Co-advised with Prof. David Blunck. Recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Photo of Christopher
Christopher Minar
MS student

Photo of Miguel
Miguel Soler
MS student

Photo of Daniel
Daniel Magee
MS student

Matt Zaiger
MS student

Co-advised with Prof. David Blunck.

Himakar Ganti
MS student

Photo of Parker
Parker Clayton
Undergraduate research assistant


Photo of Shane
Shane Daly
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Sept. 2015.

Co-advised with Prof. Christopher Hagen.

Brian Butcher
Undergraduate research assistant


Prof. Chih-Jen Sung
Combustion Diagnostics Laboratory, University of Connecticut.

Prof. Christopher Hagen
Energy Systems Laboratory, Oregon State University

Prof. David Blunck
Combustion, Ignition, Radiation, and Energy Laboratory, Oregon State University