The West Wing / Mad Men crossover actors

My girlfriend and I are huge Mad Men and The West Wing fans—we own all the seasons of both shows, and just finished watching The West Wing all the way through (which we’ve already done for Mad Men… much shorter). We began to notice a lot of actors/actresses that showed up on both, and decided to make a list! Here’s who we’ve discovered so far, in (mostly) order of appearance:

(actor – West Wing character / Mad Men character)

  • Elizabeth Moss – Zoey Bartlet / Peggy Olson
  • Ryan Cutrona – George Rollie / Eugene Hofstadt
  • Mark Moses – Donald Richter / Herman ‘Duck’ Phillips
  • Jay Paulson – Roger / Adam Whitman
  • Patrick Fischler – Walter Sprout / Jimmy Barrett
  • John Aylward – Barry Goodwin / Geoffrey Atherton
  • Melinda McGraw – Jane Braun / Bobbie Barrett
  • Paul Keeley – Ellis Taylor / Elliot Lawrence