Writing for Nobel Intent!

My first contribution to Nobel Intent, the science section of Ars Technica, went up today! I’ll be contributing there about one article a week, primarily covering academic articles (like this one):

Current carbon emissions dwarf those of past climate event

I’ve been an Ars (and Nobel Intent) reader for a couple years now—I’ve always enjoyed reading their highly technical articles, and in particular Nobel Intent, where all the writers are either researchers or otherwise in academia. I’m excited to be able to write for this great website!

My interest in science writing started last semester (spring 2011) when I had to write an article a week for my “Introduction to Nanotechnology” course, with the topics related to nanotechnology, and I realized I enjoy helping make science more accessible to the public. I think this goes in line with my goal of working in academia—science/engineering outreach being one mission of a professor. My nanotechnology-related articles can be found here.

This certainly isn’t going to replace my day job (research), but it is something I hope to continue on the side.